Jennifer Kranc- BA, RHN, CFAP

Signs you could be addicted:

  • Repeating the same destructive eating patterns, despite excess weight gain and disease
  • Overeating, binge eating or grazing
  • Purging (bulimia)
  • Under eating
  • Obesity and related problems such as diabetes, heart disease and sleep apnea
  • Compulsive exercise and dieting
  • Obsession with food or weight
  • Depression, shame, isolation and hopelessness related to food, weight or body image

Start your journey to freedom

How do you recover?

  • Identify foods that are problematic for you and eliminate them.
  • Develop a food plan with sufficient calories that include all food groups.
  • Develop a food plan that is flexible and designed for your unique individual needs.
  • Identify and work through deeply rooted behaviours, thoughts and emotions that may be triggering you.
  • Learn and practice daily tools and actions to rewire the brain and create new habits, routines, and structures to ensure your long tern success.


Benefits of the program

  • Free our minds from the obsession of food thoughts and cravings.
  • Stop relying solely on willpower to control our eating.
  • Feel satisfied and never deprived.
  • Gain structure, balance, and manageability in life and around food.
  • Learn to pause and become less impulsive.
  • Achieve clarity and focus and improve relationships.